The only app you will ever need to reliably charge your electric car away from home⚡️


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A customer centric approach to electric vehicle charging

Reliable charger data

We actively work with charge point operators and cooperate with drivers to provide the most accurate information out there.

Simple and cheap

We offer monthly packages tailored to your needs with cheap, transparent and consistent rates per kWh.

Modern technical solutions

Tons of features to improve and control your charging experience. Also, forget about RFIDs and fobs, they're lame.


A quickly growing network of charge points accessible through the app📈

We are adding networks and chargers to the platform every week with the aim of having 70% of the UK charge points on the app by mid 2021 and continuing to grow from there.


Electrify your fleet with Bonnet for Business

We provide businesses with unmissable rates and access to our web platform Dash. Monitor your drivers' charging behaviour and optimise their journeys, so you can stay one step ahead at all times.


Some cool people we work with❤️

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