Why Bonnet?

For a carefree charging experience, electric vehicle drivers need to be able to charge their car, wherever they are and this service should not come at the cost of 10 memberships and 15 apps.

But making it "carefree" is not enough, to encourage the world to #goelectric, we provide a service that is affordable, reliable and tailored to the driver's needs

Our mobile app

All of the Bonnet magic happens through the app. On top of giving you all the information you will need to charge your car without a worry, it allows you to provide feedback, comments, suggestions on the various charge points and get notified about changes to the network in real time.

Check it out👇



Pay once,

spend less

We guarantee our low prices by asking for a predetermined monthly subscription fee. This already comes with a bunch of kWh so you don't have to worry about payments for a while.

That's payments made easy!



Simple and reliable

We give drivers all the information they need to select the best charge station when they need it.  We directly collaborate with the charge point networks to ensure the quality of any piece of information we display.



Be in control of your charging

We believe that EV drivers are the ones that really know what's going on with the charging network and what should happen with it. We therefore built it various features that let you share your knowledge, not only with other drivers but also the operators themselves.



Build your own experience

We have plans to roll out tons of amazing features but we would really like to you know what you, as an EV driver, need to improve your experience!