The App

In simple terms, Bonnet is a large network of EV charge points that drivers can access through our application. There are many different charging point companies out there and each requires a separate app, card, account, etc. It's a difficult and confusing landscape. This is where we come in - a simple solution that grants access to every charging station in the UK.

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Select how much charge you need

You can select one of three monthly subscription packages to match your needs.


Charge wherever you want

The app gives you real time updates on charge point locations and availability so you can charge wherever and whenever you need at no extra cost


Be in control of your charging

If you don't use all of your monthly charge, it carries over. If you use up too much, you can always top up 


Select your preferences

Adding that one nice charger next to your work to your favourites or filtering through all the options to find the most suitable charger is easy