Frequently asked questions

Starting Charge

I have plugged in my vehicle and the connector in the app became unavailable.

That's because the app recognises that someone is plugged in on that connector and automatically marks the connector as unavailable. Try selecting the connector first and then plugging in your vehicle.

My charging starts, but then abruptly ends.

This is most likely to do with your vehicle not 'accepting' the charger. You can try again, but most likely it's a hardware compatibility issue. Don't hesitate to contact our live support if this happens to you.

I keep getting an error popup when trying to charge, why is that?

Most of these issues can be resolved with one of the following:
- Check the CPO's charging instructions here. Most devices have a specific order you must follow to successfully start a charging session.
- Wait for 2 minutes. In some cases, after a charging attempt is rejected for any reason, the device will not accept any new charging requests for a couple of minutes.

- Fully close and re-open the app. You've probably heard it a millon times from a dozen different apps but this still is one of the most effective ways to reset your mobile device and get rid of any bugs that might have crawled their way into the app. If none of these solutions do the trick, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. If you do please pay attention to the error message displayed by the app as it gives us a good indication of the cause of the issue.

How long does it take for my session to start?

In most cases, it will start within seconds but starting a session can occasionally be slower. It can take up to 2 minutes for the session to start and your app to change to the charging screen. If the app doesn't sense any activity from our system within 3 to 4 minutes, it will automatically timeout the attempt so it doesn't get stuck.

My car clearly started charging but the app is still waiting for my session to start.

There might be a short delay between your car starting to accept energy from the charger and your app switching to the charging screen. However, if that delay exceeds a minute, you can try to close and reopen the app to force it to switch. If your app is still not sensing the charging session after that, feel free to get in touch with us.

Do i have to stop the charging using the app or can I just unplug my car?

Both work! The effect will be the same and we actually advise unplugging your car if you are running into issues while trying to stop the session using the app.


How does a Bonnet subscription work?

When you buy one of Bonnet's monthly subscription packages, it works very much the same as a Netflix or Spotify subscription. Each subscription package provides you with a custom amount of kWh per month, depending on your needs. Our packages range anywhere from 50kWh (~250km range on an average EV) per month to 200kWh (~1000km range) per month.

What's the difference between a "Light" and a "Light +" subscription?

Our "Light +", "Casual +" and "Heavy +" subscription packages include access to rapid chargers (>22kW) that can usually charge your car in less than an hour (depending on your car's battery and the charger speed). The "Light", "Casual" and "Heavy" subscriptions contain the same number of kWh allowance as their "+" counterparts, but don't include access to rapid chargers.

Can I switch between subscriptions?

Absolutely! You can easily switch your subscription package within the Bonnet app in Settings > My Subscriptions. You will instantly be placed on your new subscription, but your card will not be charged immediately. The pricing reconciliation will take place on your next subscription renewal date, where you will be refunded what you haven't used from your old subscription package and payment will be taken for your new package (both on a pro-rata basis).

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in the Bonnet app under Settings > My Subscriptions (bottom of the page). When cancelled, your current subscription will still run until your next renewal date, after which it will stop completely. Once your subscription expires, you will automatically be downgraded to a PAYG membership. Please note that if you have unused credit or electricy in your account, these will expire upon the cancelation date of your subscription

Can I still use Bonnet if I canceled my subscription?

Yes! After your subscription runs out on your next renewal date, you will just automatically be placed on the "Pay As You Go" membership and no more direct debits will be taken from your account. You can continue to charge your car with Bonnet and your credit card will only be charged for refundable prepayments and after each charging session.

What happens if I need more electricty in a given month than my subscription allows?

Not a problem. If you run over your monthly allowance, you can continue to charge. You will automatically be charged as a Pay As You Go user until your next renewal date. This means that any amount of kWh you charge until then will immediately be charged at the PAYG AC or DC rates depending on the charger.

What happens if I do not use all of the electricity within my package in a month?

Don't worry, nothing is lost! The unused kWh just get carried over and stay in your account in the form of credit until you need to use them. These will only expire if you cancel your subscription.

Stopping Charge

I have stopped the charge, but I'm having difficulties pulling the cable out of my car.

Don't worry, cables lock into cars for safety reasons so that nobody pulls them out when you're not next to your car. If you lock and unlock your car, you should be able to pull out the cable freely.

Can I stop the charge by just pulling out the cable?

Yep! It works in the same way as stopping it through the app.

I'm having trouble stopping the charge in the app. What can I do?

This may have to do with your internet connection. You can stop the charge by pulling the cable from your car. If the cable is locked in the car, lock and unlock the car and the cable should free itself and you can pull it out. If the issue persists, please consider getting in touch


Do I have to pay anything to use the app?

No, the app is available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. All of the app's features for free to use too. You only have to pay for electricty if you want to charge your car through Bonnet.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept most forms of debit and credit cards. We will soon be adding PayPal and other forms of payment too.

What's the difference between Pay As You Go and Subscriptions?

As a Pay As You Go (PAYG) user, you will be charged for every charging session at a predetermined rate per kWh. On top of that, we will have to charge a £5 prepayment before each session to ensure the validity of your payment method. This prepayment will be refunded when er receive your chargint payement or if the session does not start.
By choosing a subscription instead, you will get charged once a month, at the beginning of you billing cycle. Subscribers benefit from lower per kWh rates and an overall simpler experience. All pricing information can be found here.

Why is there a pre-payment of £5 taken from my card before a Pay As You Go charging session?

We take a fully refundable £5 pre-payment from Pay As You Go sessions to ensure that your payment method is valid. After we receive your payment for the charging session or if the session never starts, the prepayment will be refunded. Please allow up to 2 working days for the pre-payment to be refunded.

I bought a subscription but the status is incomplete. What does that mean?

Incomplete subscriptions happen when your payment method method could not be used to pay for the initial subscription payment. While your subscription is incomplete, you will remain on the PAYG package. You then have 23 hours to activate an incomplete subscription before it expires. In this timeframe, you will able to activate your subscription by retrying the failed payment. This can be done by following the instructions on the screen right after the payment fails or trying to start a charging session. But you will not be able to start a different subscription while having an incomplete one.

How do the temporary discounts work? (e.g. free vend)

Sometimes, we offer discounts for a certain amount of time that can apply to all charge stations or a certain group of locations specified beforehand. An example of these type of events is our “Free vend Friday”. These discounts have different effect for subscribers and Pay as you go (PAYG) users: Subscribers Since subscribers don't pay for their charging while they're within their package allowance. These discounts events affect their kWh used instead. This means that during an event that causes all the chargers to be temporarily free, subscribers will not see their kWh used increase after charging. If the even discounts chargers by 50%, subscriber's kWh used will only increase by 50% of the energy they used while charging e.g. A subscriber charging for 30kWh during an event that discounts chargers by 50% will only see their kWh used increase by 15. PAYG For PAYG users and subscribers that have gone through their whole package allowance, it works in a simpler way. Their payments will be discount by the amount advertised by the event. If the discount is 100% (free charging) Bonnet will not try to charge PAYG users a discount either.


Do I have to use an RFID card?

No! Every charger on Bonnet can be accessed with your phone.

What is Bonnet?

Bonnet is a mobile app that allows EV drivers to charge on public chargers of multiple charging networks. Instead of having multiple cards and apps to use EV chargers of different companies, Bonnet allows you to set up one account, attach your credit card and use is on a variety of (soon all) public chargers.

How many chargers are there on the app right now?

There are around 250 charging locations (one charging location can have multiple charging devices and connectors) on the Bonnet app right now. Over the course of the first half of 2021, we will be adding numerous partners and the coverage should be at 3,000 chargers by mi 2021. Our goal is to reach 70% coverage in the UK by the end of the year. The Bonnet app also offers access to 14,000 chargers in continental Europe.

How much does it cost?

You can see all of our pricing details here

Is your pricing the same across all chargers?

Yes! All of our chargers cost the same, irrespective of provider. The only distinction we make for pricing is between rapid chargers and non-rapid chargers. You can find more information on pricing here.


Do you offer discounts for businesses and fleets?

Absolutely, please write us a short email at to inquire about the discounts that we offer businesses and fleets.

I have a discount code from my employer, how do I apply it?

If you have a discount code for Bonnet, you can redeem it when registering in the app. Just click "Using Bonnet for Business?" at the bottom of the registration screen. This will then prompt you to enter your unique business code. If you already have an account, head to Settings > Promotions to add your business code to your account.

Does my charging data get shared with my employer/business?

Yes, as part of Bonnet's transparency policy, we share GDPR-compliant anonymised analytics with the business that provided you with the discount code. For more information, you can check out our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions.

Do I ever need to update my business code?

Some employers ask their drivers to update their code each month (or every couple of months) in order to reduce the number of drivers using the code without permission. Business codes can be replaced in the Settings > Promotions page. Please note that failing to update your business code might cause you to lose your special business discounts until it is updated.