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Franklin Energy joins Bonnet

Updated: Feb 25

Franklin Energy, the UK-wide EV charging network based out of Liverpool, has joined Bonnet as a new partner.

Bonnet’s app allows EV drivers to charge at public charge points of more than one operator. With this partnership, customers will gain access to Franklin’s network of chargers across the UK with Bonnet’s app.

Franklin Energy is one of the pioneers of interoperability in the UK. The charging company is a firm believer in providing the simplest forms of access to their charge points, allowing drivers to choose their preferred method of interaction with the charger. This partnership is a reflection of the common values both companies share with regards to user-friendly access to public charging infrastructure and maximising its utilisation.

Bonnet was launched with the aim of making public charging more accessible, fair and convenient for EV drivers. Bonnet’s main product - its app - allows users to access multiple (very soon - all) charging networks with a simple monthly subscription. The addition of Franklin’s network to the platform is a major step in scaling the offering and improving the range anxiety that remains a concern for EV drivers today.

Robert Byrne, Founder and Managing Director of Franklin Energy commented:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Bonnet by enabling their users to have access to the LiFe Network. Patrick and Eliot have produced an excellent solution by bringing together all CPOs under one smartphone app, enabling true roaming and subscription-based charging”.

Patrick Reich, Co-Founder & CEO of Bonnet said:

“We are big subscribers to charging networks that have the end-user in mind in everything they do. This is why I think that the partnership with Franklin is a lot cooler than offering drivers more places to charge their cars. Franklin's chargers are extremely reliable and bring a lot of quality to Bonnet’s growing coverage”.

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