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Plug N Go joins Bonnet

Plug-N-Go, the UK-wide charging network with heavy presence in East England and Guernsey, has partnered with Bonnet. Bonnet users will now be able to see, route to and charge at Plug-N-Go’s chargers within the Bonnet app.

Plug-N-Go is the fifth charging network in the UK to grant drivers access to their chargers through Bonnet’s solution. The geographic locations of some of these chargers sees Bonnet expanding into new areas such as the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

The partnership is a clear indication of the changing landscape in the UK towards roaming and interoperability - a concept that EV drivers should be offered access to charge points through multiple channels such as apps, cards and contactless. The Bonnet app is one of such access methods, allowing drivers to charge their electric car on multiple (soon all) charging networks.

Keith Hounsell, Founder & CEO of Plug-N-Go, commented:

“I am pleased that we have partnered with Bonnet, which will give their users greater scope of charge points being aligned with the Plug-N-Go network, and with the smartphone app that Bonnet offers an ideal subscription-based platform for all to use”

Patrick Reich, Co-founder & CEO of Bonnet, commented:

“It’s really great to have Plug-N-Go on board. The network is extremely beneficial to all of our drivers and I can’t wait for our users to start charging on these new chargers. Plug-N-Go has been a pioneer in the field of interoperability for quite some time now and it’s a pleasure to be working with them.”

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