The Team

Bonnet's founding team is a group of entrepreneurial engineers with a strong interest in sustainable innovation. Our founders made it their mission to produce a charging service that focuses on customer experience and driver's needs👨‍đź’»

- Co-founder & CEO

P. Reich

- Product Designer

C. Fackrell

- Co-founder & CTO

E. Makabu

- Full-stack developer

S. Norman

- Growth Hacker

V. Niikado


We're also very lucky to receive support from our amazing advisors

Power engineering professor at Imperial.

Decades of experience in the field and holds good relationships with industry leaders and policy makers

Prof. Goran Strbac

Ex-Director of Tesla Europe for ten years. Directly reporting to Elon Musk. Helped build out all Tesla verticals, including the Supercharging Network

Jochen Rudat

Ex-Teaching fellow of Entrepreneurship at Imperial.

Recognised as part of top 40 under 40 Business school professors.

Dr. Harveen Chugh

Managing Director at Standard Chartered.

Previous experiences include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs.

Avid EV enthusiast and experienced investor

David J. Law

Over 5 years of experience in the e-mobility sector.

Ex-bizdev leader at Share Now. Responsible for the platforms' footprint in the UK and Ireland.

Stephen Bee